Overcoming Your Own Inertia

Do you remember learning about inertia way back in science class?  It’s the idea that an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion.  I’m not sure if Isaac Newton had people in mind when he came up with the idea, but it certainly does seem to apply to us!  Challenge yourself to take action today. Have you been waiting for the perfect time to start a new project? Are you waiting for the perfect time? Do you have a list of things that have to happen before you start doing what you know needs done? Why not do what you know needs done right now?

overcoming  your own inertia

Take a look at your own life’s orbit.

Overcoming Your Own Inertia

The best way to move past procrastination is to simply give yourself a kick in the butt and get started. Even though you can probably present a very impressive list of reasons why you should wait to get started, you know inside that the best time to take action is probably right now. The weight of that thing you’ve been avoiding is only going to feel that much heavier tomorrow when you wake up and realize that you have procrastinated away yet another day.

You don’t have to fix everything in one day. You don’t have to complete every project in one day. All you have to do is make a start. Give five minutes to the project you’ve been avoiding. Sometimes, when you look at a big project, it all seems so overwhelming. Choose what it is that you are going to start, then commit a whopping five minutes to working on that goal.

Maybe your goal is to get the garage cleaned out. It’s been in need of cleaning for quite a while already, right? So now just commit to five little minutes each day. You can do that, can’t you? You can even set an alarm that will go off after you’ve put in your five minutes. The hard part is usually getting started. You’ll probably find that when five minutes is up, you’ll WANT to keep on working, and that is totally fine. Just make sure that you get that first five minutes in every day. Even if you do stop at exactly five minutes, after a week, you’ll have put in over half an hour on your project and will probably see some progress. That will certainly motivate you to keep on moving toward your goals and taking little actions every day!

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