Remembering 70s and 80s cartoons

Do you remember any 80’s cartoons?  Do you have strong memories to go with them?  I myself was more into the cartoons of the 70’s, but I’ll try to get to my point here.  Getting older is kind of a funny thing.  As you are growing up, you just can’t wait to not be a kid any more.  You hit your teens and all of the stuff you did as a kid seems like baby stuff and you try to distance yourself as much as possible.  Then, you get a little bit older and get a taste of adult life, and you want to go back!

I’ve been watching eBay for a while and I have to admit that I look back sometimes for things I remember growing up.  I now see things from the time that I spent as a teen.  I guess that means I’m getting even older!  There is a lot of memorabilia from the 1980s showing up on eBay and it’s getting scooped up as quick as it gets listed.

80’s Cartoons on eBay

80s cartoonsOne of the items getting snagged is memorabilia and collectibles related to 80’s cartoons.  Smurfs, Thundercats, Jem…they are getting collected.  What I found interesting is that a LOT of the things listed as 80’s are actually either from the 1970s or they are re-made cartoons that were originally from the 60’s or 70’s.  Does that make any sense?

For example, there are lots of Jetsons and Scooby Doo cartoon items being sold.  Those were definitely NOT original to the 80’s.  Smurfs, yes.  Scooby, no.

Anyway, the old cartoons are getting popular and I don’t think it is because they were so facinating and well made.  They are a little taste of pure childhood.  Sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of your favorite cereal watching mindless cartoons and being totally guilt free!  Sweet.  Yet we couldn’t get away from it fast enough!

You could really tell that the cartoon generation was starting to get older when the Scooby Doo movie came out.  That happened right when my kids were at just the right age to enjoy the movie and I have to admit, I was actually looking forward to seeing it.  I did see it of course.  Probably at least forty times before the kids started to get tired of it.  It was fun to watch and it did sort of take me back to the days of watching Scoob and the gang solving mysteries on Saturday morning.  It also got my family talking about the other cartoons from “back in the day”.  We started remembering how they had a special show every fall to introduce the new season’s cartoons.  We had to explain that there were not any 24/7 cartoon channels to plant yourself in front of back then.

Now people are collecting all sorts of old cartoon memorabilia.  As far as the 80’s go, Smurfs are big.  I never really cared for them much myself.  Garfield is another popular one.  There were a lot of action cartoons too that grew pretty popular during that time.  I mentioned Thundercats and of course Transformers.  The list goes on, the memories grow dimmer and we grasp at what we can to keep those memories alive.  I guess that’s a big part of why people collect things in the first place.

Here is a little 80’s compilation of cartoons and kid shows I found on YouTube.

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