Finding a Balance Between Work and the Other Stuff

Just some things to think about…

How much of your life is devoted to your work?  If it is a significant amount of time, is that work your passion, or just something you feel that you have to do to get by from day to day?  Most people consider full time hours to be about 40 hours per week.  How do you compare to that?  Are you comfortable doing some math and figuring out where the priorities are in your life?  Here’s a quick look at how men and women approach finding a work/life balance.

How to Achieve a Work / Life Balance

Work/Life Balance

Have you devoted your life to paying bills and meeting the expectations of others?

What would you do for a living if you were living your dream lifestyle?  What is stopping you from making changes and taking steps toward getting there?

Full Time Hours

You do realize that this is NOT just a dress rehearsal, right?  There is no reset button on your life.  What you do today is what you’ve done with your life.  What do you have planned for tomorrow?  The same thing?  How about the day after that?

How about for the next 30 years or so until “they” tell you it’s OK to retire?  Are you going to go follow your dreams when you’re 65 or 70 years old?full time hours

Are you missing the childhood of a very important person?  What will that person remember of you when they’re grown up and you’re gone?

Is your spouse losing out to your work?  Which one did you marry?  Do you remember those vows?  Did you mean them?  Did they come with an understanding that they only applied while they were convenient?

Are you waiting for permission to make a change?  From who?  Why?  Who gave them that much power over you?

Are you scared?  Of what?  Why?

Are you comfortable?  Really?  What is the very first thing that goes through your mind on Monday morning?

Do you live for the weekend?  How do you feel about spending 71% of your time trying to get to the other 29%?  Does that seem like a sensible way to spend your time?  Of that weekend time, how much of Sunday do you spend dreading Monday?

Have you tried anything new lately?

Do you have any personal development goals, or even hobbies that you enjoy?  Why not?

Happy with the results your getting?

What do you think you’ll get if you keep doing the same thing?

Have you tried a different perspective on your situation?  Are you only considering negatives?  Sometimes changing your perspective and your approach to a job can make a massive difference in your experience of it.

What is your excuse for not making changes in your life?

What are you more committed to?

A. Being right about being miserable

B. Doing what it takes to get where you want to be?

Just wondering.

Work Related Issues

Some things I’m thinking… In this, and future posts, I want to explore how we approach work and how we can make things better. I think we should keep it simple though. First off, I’d like to look at ways to improve the overall experience of work. That means taking a closer look at how we approach our daily work tasks. Do you start out the day with a feeling of dread? That’s no way to live. Even if you have no intention of leaving your job, you’ve simply GOT to do something about that kind of attitude. It will crush you. That’s a big problem. People who hate their jobs usually don’t leave that problem at work. It usually gets dragged around through their lives and it affects everyone they come in contact with, including the most important people in their lives…family and friends. So, in future posts, we’ll work on making some attitude adjustments where they are needed.

I’d also like to explore topics like career changes and even finding ways to break off on your own. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those people who would suggest jumping ship without some kind of a plan in place. If you’ve got a family to take care of, walking away from your main source of support is just irresponsible. It always ticks me off when I see people online suggesting that you should drop everything and “take a risk” if you want to make a change. I think that most of those people are just trying to sell something. They make it sound like you don’t want it bad enough if you aren’t willing to make drastic changes in your life instantly. They have no actual concern for what might happen to people who decide that they are going to simply “go for it”. Making changes is great (if that’s what you need to do), but if you’ve got responsibilities, you can’t ignore them.

Listen, most of us spend about a third of our adult lives doing something to support ourselves and our families. This is a topic worth exploring. I hope you will leave some feedback (in the comments). I also hope that you will find something useful in these posts. I hope that you’ll stick around for a while and come back often.

If you would like to check out some more “official resources” about job and work statistics, you might want to try this.

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